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GCs and Subs:
Even in the best of times, the subcontractor’s relationship with the general contractor can be less than pure bliss. Add a prolonged market downturn to the mix and this marriage might head for the rocks.

In some cases, that’s exactly what happened during the recent recession. Many GCs began self-performing some, if not all, of the sub’s wall and ceiling work, while others—some say the majority—went... [more]

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Who We Are
AWCI's Construction Dimensions is where top professionals in the wall and ceiling business share contacts, peer reviews and best practices.

AWCI's Construction Dimensions is written and edited for acoustical, ceiling, drywall, EIFS, fireproofing, insulation, plaster, steel framing and stucco contractors, suppliers and distributors, manufacturers and those in allied trades.

Editorial coverage focuses on construction systems for the commercial and residential markets, how-to applications, new products and techniques, safety, business management & human resources, and information to help contractors.
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Featured Product
Corner Protector
The Bumper Bead System from Trim-Tex is the latest innovation in interior finishing. Corner protectors have long been an afterthought, often installed last minute leaving unfinished looking edges and... [more]

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AWCI's Member Products Catalog 2015
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