Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry Logo


Executive Committee

Travis Winsor
The Raymond Group
Johnny Barnes
Vice President
Baker Drywall BCS, Ltd.
Jeff Dreisewerd
T.J. Wies Contracting, Inc.
Brian Allen
Precision Walls, Inc.
Travis Vap
Immediate Past President
South Valley Drywall, Inc.
Mike Taylor
Chairman, Continuing Study Committee
Liddle Bros. Contractors, Inc.
Michael F. Stark, CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry

Board of Directors

Alfons-Jean Knauf
Richter System Gmbh & Co. KG
Carl Paine
National Construction Enterprises
Midwest Region
Dan Schnippert
South Region
Dan Wies
Wies Drywall and Construction
Midwest Region
Daniel Wienstroer
Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association of Metro St. Louis
Chapter Executives Liaison
Don Archuleta
Contractor At-Large
Eric Larson
Supplier At-Large
Howard Bernstein
Penn Installations, Inc.
Contractor At-Large
Jeffrey Anikstein
Cord Contracting, Inc.
Northeast Region
Jerry Reicks
Tri-State Drywall, LLC
Joseph Donofrio
Interstate Drywall Corporation
Northeast Region
Kelly Jones
Grabber Construction Products
Supplier At-Large
Kim Galie
Heartwood Building Group, Inc.
Northeast Region
Larry White
Desire Construction Inc.
West Region
Mark Orlando
Sto Corp.
Supplier At-Large
Michael Goodnight
Goodnight's Corp. d/b/a Construct Drywall Systems
West Region
Michelle Baer
Western Partitions
West Region
Mike Chaney
James River Exteriors
South Region
Nancy Brinkerhoff
Ironwood Commercial Builders, Inc.,
Past President
Richard Riley
Simpson Plastering
South Region
Robert Perricone
Component Assembly Systems, Inc.
Contractor At-Large
Scott Bleich
Heartland Companies
Midwest Region
Scott Maki
AROK, Inc.
West Region
William Rice
Commercial Plastering USA, LLC
South Region

General Counsel

Don Gregory, Esq.

Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter