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Codes & Standards

How Thick Is 20 Gauge Steel Framing?

This is a relatively simple question with a complex answer. I am currently planning an AWCI technical document that will go more in depth to assist architects and engineers with properly specifying steel framing thickness,...

EIFS Inspectors

This article describes the EIFS inspector qualifications and previews some of the content in the recently updated EIFS—Doing It Right® module for EIFS inspectors.

Building Codes to Local Laws

As we start a new year with the 2024 International Building Code now available, we also start a new code development cycle.

Wall Fire Rating Details

I often get calls about specific fire rating details: Do I have to install this backer piece behind my control joint? Do butt joints have to be staggered? Is it OK to run wallboard vertically...

Control Joints in Interior Gypsum

This month I want to cover interior gypsum applications. The joint requirements are different for exterior applications and for portland cement plaster.

Did You Hear That?

What are the code requirements for sound? In the International Building Code, sound transmission requirements are in chapter 12, “Interior Environment.”


New York City is set to initiate a major code change that will affect the design and installation of certain types of exterior wall assemblies.