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AWCI provides technical resources to support the needs of its members and the industry at large through participation at ASTM hearings.

AWCI’s technical committees, open to all members, provide guidance and support when addressing industry issues. The technical committees are Gypsum Board Committee, EIFS & Related Products Committee, Construction Management Technology Committee, Interior & Exterior Steel Framing Committee, Lath & Plaster Committee, Special Products Committee and Exterior Envelope Committee.

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The highly fragmented construction industry is experiencing a major transformation.

Although individual building components, such as walls, roofs and floors, are separate entities, each entity must still function as a part of a unified system. Because components are represented by different manufacturers and different independent companies, it is difficult for components to work compatibly to create a single system. Rapid advances in material science, changes in traditional delivery methods, more stringent building codes, and even the way traditional construction documents are prepared have all led to an age of exceptional transformation. These rapid changes can often lead to confusion when attempting to provide building solutions for a given project.


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AWCI is an active members of CISC. Made up of 30 trade associations, representing associations from all sectors of the construction industry, including commercial building, heavy industrial production, home building,
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AWCI is committed to supporting CIASP and increasing awareness regarding mental health in the construction industry.” Construction workers are at a heightened risk for suicide for a variety of reasons
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Each year AWCI participates in Construction Safety Week. This week is an opportunity for people, companies and our entire industry to join together, celebrate and recommit to doing whatever it


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AWCI’s Codes & Standards Digest, written by AWCI’s director of technical services, informs members about industry codes, standards and safety issues on a monthly basis.

In the building construction industry, we all have to work within the building codes—the rules for how buildings are constructed. But how do the codes get written and adopted into law, and what influence can we as wall and ceiling contractors have on these rules?
A room containing steel framing.
This is a relatively simple question with a complex answer. I am currently planning an AWCI technical document that will go more in depth to assist architects and engineers with properly specifying steel framing thickness, but the short answer is to avoid the use of the term “gauge” or “gage” to refer to steel framing thickness, and instead specify a decimal thickness or a minimum level of performance.
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This article describes the EIFS inspector qualifications and previews some of the content in the recently updated EIFS—Doing It Right® module for EIFS inspectors.