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National Certificate for EIFS Inspectors

Inspectors who want to learn correct application procedures and how to evaluate EIFS installations for compliance

The focus is on EIFS applications for new construction. Although this course does not specifically deal with EIFS on existing buildings, knowledge of proper system installation is crucial to understanding EIFS, be it during installation or review thereafter.

While learning proper application procedures, the inspector will also learn how to better monitor installation of EIFS. Successful participants of the EIFS Inspector Program will be certified as having learned and demonstrated their knowledge of EIFS. This is not a training class to become a third-party inspector or EIFS residential inspector, nor does it certify one as such.


Target Participants

Established independent third-party inspectors and building officials who want to learn more about EIFS.

Other Certifcation Categories:


Those who are employed as inspectors by a firm that is regularly engaged in independent, third-party building envelope inspections and who meet the following criteria may apply for the EIFS Inspectors’ category:

  1. Ability to read blueprints.
  2. High school diploma, GED or higher.
  3. Physical ability to observe work in progress from the ground, on scaffolding and on swing stage.
  4. Have one of the following:
    1. More than three years of documented prior building envelope construction inspection experience. EIFS experience would be helpful in order to have a sufficient learning experience and to be successful with passing the assessments; OR
    2. More than five years of jobsite installation and/or inspection experience in EIFS distribution, manufacturing or contracting. Important Note: Those currently employed by contractors, manufacturers or distributors are not eligible for the EIFS Inspector category.

Important Note for Inspectors

Previous EIFS—Doing It Right® participants in the Inspector category have noted that it can be difficult to keep up with the course pace if the individual has little or no EIFS knowledge or experience. Based on their feedback, we strongly recommend that anyone not familiar with EIFS do some or all of the following prior to the course:

  • Visit EIFS work sites—perhaps ask to accompany a local EIFS contractor to jobs in progress.
  • Read background information about EIFS components, installation and products. Start with
  • Stop in at your local EIFS distributor and supplier—look at products and ask questions.


Inspection experience is required to be accepted to the program. A background in EIFS will help you be successful in achieving the certificate.