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Awards Year: 2023 AWCI’s Pinnacle Award 2023 The AWCI Pinnacle Award is given to an individual who most merits the industry’s highest recognition. The individual who receives this award has

Embracing technology and AI boosts efficiency, innovation and growth, crucial for thriving in today’s competitive business world.
Ramset’s new T4 I-F Compact Insulation tool is smaller, lighter and more powerful!
STI Leads Firestop Innovation
As building construction has increased in complexity, so has the proper design, usage and installation of firestopping materials.
Group photo of contractors outdoors.
How we interact with our new and aspiring leaders and pass on best practices and other lessons that we’re trying to foster at AWCI is a part of that, and
Risk management is top of mind for many in the construction industry, but those two words bring to mind a broad range of topics: insurance, safety, liability and so on.
New research has ranked the United States’ most populated industries and estimated what their pay could look like in 2033, in line with inflation, and the results are surprising.
When I say compensation, I’m not just referring to amount, but also the method of distribution.