Foundation Library Receives Donation

April 2005

Oren Associates of Dayton, Ohio, has made a donation of rare books about lath and plaster to the John H. Hampshire Research and Reference Memorial Library. Betty Oren came across the books as they were closing down the business and thought of the library.

The donation includes the following:
  • Plastering Skill and Practice, Van Den Branden/Hartsell, Second Edition 1974, American Technical Society.
  • Lathers’ Craft Problems and Reference Book, The Wood, Wire and Metal Lathers’ international Union, The Press of the Riehl Printing Co., Cleveland.
  • Manual of Lathing and Plastering, John R. Diehl, AIA, 1965, Mac Publishers Association.
  • Practical Plastering Cement Finishing and Related Subjects, Byron Wm. Dalton, 1949.
  • The Styles of Ornament, Alexander Speltz, Second Edition 1910, B.T. Batsford, London.
  • Catalog of Plaster Ornaments, Book 12, from the American Decorating Company, Chicago, 1928.
  • The General Catalog of Jacobson & Company, Volume 2, New York, NY, 1929.
  • Modern Plaster Ornament, Book 11A, American Decorating Company, Chicago, 1931.
  • Three-volume set of Pierre Gusman’s L’Art Decorative de Rome.
  • Plastering, J. B. Taylor, George Godwin Limited, London WC2, 1970.
  • The General Catalog of Jacobson & Company, New York, NY, 1920.

AWCI extends its sincere thanks to the Oren family for this donation, ensuring that future scholars will have access to the books.