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New Edition of Gypsum Association GA-216-2016 May Impact Cold-Formed Steel Framing

AWCI wants to alert its contractor members that the Gypsum Association's recent release of GA-216-2016, Application and Finishing of Gypsum Panel Products, marks the first time that base metal thickness appears in mandatory language and in a document referenced by the International Building Code. This thickness has been recommended or required by many gypsum panel manufacturers for some time, but because it is now mandatory, AWCI member contractors should look again at projects in the bid or construction phase where steel framing with less than the required steel thickness has been submitted because of the high probability that any thinner steel will be challenged.

The application standard is recognized as the authority on the proper way to install all gypsum panel products. The 2013 edition is referenced in Chapter 35 of the 2015 IBC, which means authorities having jurisdiction over construction projects use it as a basis for design and installation enforcement.

Added in this version of the Gypsum Association's document is the following: "—Where studs complying with ASTM C645 are used to receive Abuse Resistant or Impact Resistant Gypsum panels, they shall be not less than 0.0312 in. (0.792 mm) base metal thickness and shall be in accordance with 4.3 and 8.1 of Specification C645."