AWCI's Excellence Awards

Awards Year: 2008

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AWCI's Pinnacle Award 2008

The AWCI Pinnacle Award is given to an individual who most merits the industry's highest recognition. The individual who receives this award has given time and energy unselfishly for the benefit of AWCI and the industry, and who exhibits family dedication and commitment to community.

2008 Recipient: Bob Geyer

AWCI's Excellence in Construction Safety Award 2008

AWCI's safety award gives national recognition to members who manage an effective safety program in a given year.

Category: More than 100,000 Annual Man Hours in 2007
Winner: Precision Walls, Inc., Cary, NC

Category: Fewer than 100,000 Annual Man Hours in 2007
Winner: Ronsco, Inc., New York, New York

AWCI's Excellence in Construction Quality Award 2008

AWCI's award recognizes excellence in construction quality in the face of complicated and challenging projects, and is awarded to a team of AWCI members.

Winning Project: Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA
Contractor Anning-Johnson Company, California
Manufacturers: California Expanded Metal Products (CEMCO), Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Corporation, Grace Construction Products, Specified Technologies Inc.
Supplier:San Francisco Gravel Company (AMAROK)