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Sound Control Mat

From Hacker Industries, Inc.
Hacker Industries, Inc. introduces FIRM-FILL® SCM, a thinner sound control mat. FIRM-FILL® SCM is designed to lower the overall profile of the floor/ceiling assembly while reducing the cost of the sound control system.

Intended to help limit impact sound transmission in multifamily construction, FIRM-FILL® SCM, a 3mm sound mat, is topped with 3/4” of a FIRM-FILL® Brand Gypsum Concrete. This low-profile design improves sound control performance as well as creates a smoother floor transition between hard surface and carpeted areas. To add tensile strength and reinforcement to the FIRM-FILL® Brand Gypsum Concrete, FIRM-FILL® SCM is made with a coated fiberglass scrim and fabric combination.

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