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Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems

From Senco
Senco introduces two new corded auto-feed screwdriver systems featuring DuraSpin technology: the DS325AC and the DS340AC.

Designed for the professional who is looking for a complete auto-feed screw driving system, the kits include either a 2500 or 4000 RPM Senco screwdriver, an industrial grade aluminum auto-feed screw attachment, an extension pole for standing applications, a nylon storage bag and extra drive bits.

These high-torque screwdrivers have the power and versatility to drive fasteners ranging from 5/8" up to 3" long into tough surface materials quickly and easily to reduce installation time and minimize screw waste.

Senco’s auto-feed attachment saves time by eliminating the need to load fasteners individually. The tool’s feed on return functionality puts the screw in line before you drive for fast, efficient placement without jams or misfeeds.

The depth of drive adjustment regulates the precise amount of countersink required for the surface material.

The tool is ergonomically designed for use with one hand, however, a cushioned second hand grip helps minimize wrist and arm fatigue by reducing the exertion needed to complete each drive.

Both kits include a detachable 21" extension pole so the user can tailor the tool to fit the job, either driving screws from a standing position or without the extension pole for close-up or vertical applications.

Other features include a variable speed trigger, a 360° adjustable handle, a 10' industrial strength power cord, a toe-nail nose piece that grips the work surface to prevent slipping, a no mar nose piece for finish work, a durable nylon storage bag designed to hold the fully assembled tool, and three extra drive bits: a #2 Phillips bit, a #2 square bit and a Rex drive bit.

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