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Web-based Dashboard

From McGraw-Hill Construction
McGraw-Hill Construction introduces Dodge BidPro, the first-of-its-kind, Web-based dashboard that pushes the most relevant and timely project data to contractors’ desktops and mobile devices. Dodge BidPro draws from Dodge’s proprietary national reporting coverage, an expansive network of local reporters and the largest database of private and public construction information. Project reports, plans and specifications, as well as invitation to bid capabilities are integrated into the product’s dashboard functionality.

Dodge BidPro utilizes graphs, charts and intuitive navigation to offer contractors a tailored view of Dodge data. Features include sorting by industry trade, project specialty, county, project type and an integrated bidding function. Utilizing intuitive logic and advanced database search technology, Dodge BidPro leverages Dodge’s deep experience in the construction project market to minimize searching for projects, identified by contractors as their leading pain point.

The Dodge BidPro system enables contractors to set up alerts within 23 building trades, covering excavation to roofing, plumbing to carpentry, and masonry to electrical. Contractors receive automatic alerts to new projects and their values, as well as alerts to bid date and addenda changes. Dodge BidPro also introduces a workflow tool to help contractors submit winning bids. Once a suitable project is identified, contractors can use the “Invitation to Bid” function to invite subcontractors to their online plan room and access the plans and specs, greatly simplifying the process of building a winning bid team.