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Wireless Time Clock

From ExakTime
ExakTime introduces JobClock Hornet, the first rugged wireless time clock that automatically sends electronic time records back to the office every hour.

Hornet is housed in a weatherproof ABS plastic composite case, built to last in any weather condition. Lightweight and portable with a 30-day rechargeable battery, Hornet can easily track time anytime, anywhere.

With Hornet updating time records hourly, management can make real-time job adjustments based on 100% accurate, timely information.

Hornet’s wireless transmission ends the frustration of dealing with traditional paper time cards. Supervisors or foremen no longer have to physically collect paper time cards from job sites and drive them back to the office every pay period. Hornet automatically sends time records over a highly reliable GSM network.

When using conventional paper time cards, payroll clerks typically receive illegible, fudged time records late Friday, creating a frenzy to manually enter work records on time for payroll. Hornet makes 100% accurate, up-to-the-hour time records available to the payroll department 24/7 to help with payroll planning.

JobClock Hornet requires workers to punch in and out with Keytabs that track work down to the minute, in real time. Employees cannot alter these numbers. With Hornet’s 100% accurate digital time records, workers are only paid for the hours they actually worked.