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Suspension System

From Armstrong
Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems introduces the SingleSpan Solution, a new suspension system designed especially for hospital corridors and other congested plenum spaces where direct hanger wire drops are not always possible.

The new installation system is offered in two options. The first option uses Armstrong Prelude® PeakForm® Main Beams with an additional PeakForm bulb, making it a PeakFormPlus Main Beam. The new profile provides added strength and support, and gives the beams a heavy-duty rating with hanger wires spaced 5' on center.

When installed with new Structural Wall Angles, the main beams can carry more than 12 lbs/sf with hanger wires spaced as far as 6’ on center. In a typical 8’ corridor, that translates to one hanger wire across the entire span.

The second option that provides the benefits of the SingleSpan Corridor Solution uses heavy-duty versions of Armstrong Suprafine®, Silhouette®, Interlude®, and Prelude Main Beams installed with StrongBack™ for spans over 6’ or 7’.

StrongBack simplifies the installation process because it has pre-punched knockouts that simply lock onto the bulb of the tees. The StrongBack connection to the tee bulb has a pullout strength of 300 lbs.

The SingleSpan Corridor Solution has been tested on the Large-scale Seismic Shake Table at the State University of New York at Buffalo. A copy of the white paper on the seismic performance is available from Armstrong.

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