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6" 16-Gauge Steel Thermal Efficient Panel

SYNTHEON Inc. introduces a 6" 16gauge panel for its ACCEL-E® Steel Thermal Efficient Panel (S.T.E.P.) wall system, providing an additional option for high-performance exterior walls primarily in the commercial market.

The 16-gauge, 6" ACCEL-E panel is ideal for construction projects in more moderate climate zones where codes require continuous insulation but where the 8" ACCEL-E panel may not be necessary. Each wall panel is 4' wide, and the EPS provides a 4.3 R-value per inch thickness.

The SYNTHEON ACCEL-E wall system is the result of a proprietary manufacturing process that combines the strength and performance of cold-formed steel framing with the superior insulation properties of expanded polystyrene. This unique fusion process creates a composite panel with the highest levels of engineered performance, yet it delivers thermal efficiency so exceptional it exceeds new ASHRAE 2007 90.1 and IECC 2009 requirements for the building envelope. No other wall system combines framing, cavity insulation and continuous rigid foam insulation in such an easy, one-step installation process.

ACCEL-E enables buildings to get in-the-dry in a third of the time. The panels arrive at job sites pre-sized for each project with pre-cuts for windows and doors.

ACCEL-E panels span any height, limited only by mode of panel transport. As a result, multiple floors can be completed by installing a single panel.

Eight-inch ACCEL-E panels surpass ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC Energy Codes effective R-Value requirements for Zones 4 through 8 (the most stringent) by 26%, Zone 3 by 42% and Zone 2 by 65%. The 6" ACCEL-E panels exceed the requirements for Zones 1–3.