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Sound Control Clip

From Marino\WARE®
Marino\WARE® is proud to announce our partnership with Pliteq to distribute the patented GenieClip™ Impact and Airborne Sound Control clip.

GenieClip™ is a unibody molded rubber and galvanized steel isolation clip used to attach drywall to either wall or floor/ceiling assemblies. The GenieClip™ is specially engineered to control sound and improve impact and airborne transmitted noises. It is the newest product to be introduced under the FrameRite® Connectors line of specialty clips.

GenieClip™ has 40 UL certifications and more than 150 independent laboratory and field test reports available. Made from recycled components and engineered to allow reduction in assembly weight, the GenieClip™ contributes to a LEED® certified building.

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