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Flat Strap Backer

From BlazeFrame Industries
BlazeFrameIndustries has added the Flat Strap Backer (FSB) to its selection of fire rated steel framing solutions. This new product provides fire protection, backing support and a framing element that can be used as solutions for drywall reveals.

The Flat Strap Backer (FSB) is a flat steel profile with affixed intumescent used to maintain the continuity of a rated wall. It is designed to attach to existing wall framing as a fire rated backing for various wall reveal trims. BlazeFrameFSB has been certified to ASTM E-119 standards for up to 2 hour fire protection. Installed behind aluminum or vinyl drywall reveals, Flat Strap Backer (FSB) eliminates the need for an extra layer of gypsum wallboard. BlazeFrameFSB has been tested in both horizontal and vertical applications.

For more information on this or other BlazeFrame products, contact Brad Hamilton at (425) 869.2811, by email at brad@blazeframe.com, or at www.blazeframe.com, www.clarkdietrich.com

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