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Seismic Separation Joint Clip

From Rockfon®
Rockfon® introduces Chicago Metallic® 1494 SSC seismic separation joint clip for use with ceiling suspension systems. This shaker table-tested clip not only complies with the current International Building Code, but also provides a neat, clean appearance on the finished ceiling.

According to the current IBC, every construction project must meet a Seismic Design Category, regardless of geography. The IBC outlines six SDCs, A through F, ranging from the least to the most stringent. For projects in SDCs D, E and F with ceilings larger than 2,500 square feet, IBC requires a separation joint that allows cross tees to move laterally during a seismic event.

The 1494 SSC seismic separation joint clip offers a tested alternative solution to providing the unsightly, traditional separation joint that currently is prescribed by the IBC. Easily attached to the ceiling suspension system, the clip sits on top of the grid members, hidden from view. Helping save material and labor costs, the 1494 SSC’s one-piece design works on all applications, and the clips can be used on both main runners and cross tees with minimal screw attachments.

The patent-pending 1494 SSC seismic separation joint clip currently is approved for use on Chicago Metallic 1200 and 4000 ceiling suspension systems. Shaker table test reports are available upon request by Authorities Having Jurisdiction.

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