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From Enhanced Acoustical Performance in Healthy Ceilings

The Armstrong® family of Ultima® Health Zone™ ceilings now offers enhanced sound absorption and sound blocking performance to address the growing concern over noise control and speech privacy in healthcare settings. To improve speech privacy in healthcare facilities, Armstrong has increased the Ceiling Attenuation Class of the ceiling panels to 38. The enhanced CAC enables the ceiling panels to more effectively block sound transmission between adjacent spaces, further ensuring patient privacy. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.70, the ceiling panels also provide high-performance sound absorption.

With an enhanced NRC of 0.80, Ultima Health Zone High-NRC ceiling panels can now absorb 80% of the sound that strikes them, enabling healthcare facilities to meet the need patients have expressed for improved noise control in Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Systems surveys. With a CAC of 35, Ultima Health Zone High-NRC remains a high-performance sound blocker.

Designed to meet both the acoustical and hygienic demands of healthcare environments, Ultima Health Zone ceilings provide a water-repellant, washable surface that is safe for use with disinfectants.

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