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Cordless Pneumatic Stapler

From KYOCERA-SENCO Industrial Tools

Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools (Senco) introduces its first-ever cordless stapler, the F-LXP. Using Senco’s Fusion technology, the new stapler feels and performs like a true pneumatic stapler, with no hose or compressor required.
The F-LXP shoots 18-gauge L-wire staples with a 1/4" crown. Ideal for insulation, soundproofing, paneling, trim, sheathing, underlayment, soffits and more, the F-LXP accommodates staples from 3/8" to 1 1/2" in length and packs the power to sink them in most common materials.
The F-LXP includes a self-contained compressed air cylinder. When the trigger is pulled, the tool’s driver blade is released, driving fasteners just like a traditional stapler. The tool’s 18-volt, lithium-ion battery powers an electric motor that recompresses the air in a fraction of a second, allowing for instant firing with no ramp-up time.
The air cylinder never needs refilling from everyday use. However, the F-LXP is designed to be service-center friendly. A pressure release valve allows the tool to be depressurized and refilled quickly and safely if maintenance or repair is required.

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