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From Jordan David
Jordan David introduces Altragrips™ All-Traction™ Footwear.

Altragrips™ are designed to reduce slips and falls in a variety of slick conditions from outdoors in ice and snow to indoor industrial conditions. By increasing traction in these conditions, employers can greatly reduce the risk of employee slips and falls and the resulting worker’s compensation claims.

At the heart of Altragrips™ are 48 tiny tungsten carbide studs. These studs are dynamically engineered to increase traction above and beyond that of normal rubber soled footwear. These tiny studs penetrate the slippery conditions underfoot and help make dangerous occupational walking conditions safe for employees.

Altragrips™ are available in three different height styles; a 4" lowcut, a 10" boot and a 15" boot. All are designed to fit over normal footwear.