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Sub-Component Manufacturing System for CFS

From Triad
Triad has developed a set of products for light-commercial/residential steel framing—the Sub-Component Manufacturing System. The system consists of the Steel Clipper, Vertical Sub-Component Assembly Table, and a Rough Opening Component Assembly Table all specifically designed for use in steel framing applications.

By taking all of the time-consuming sub-component assembly off-line, or in most cases off of the floor, companies will be able to more efficiently pre-build rough openings to be delivered into the framing table, thus guaranteeing a more consistent flow through the panel line.

Triad’s Steel Clipper cuts 1 5/8" x 2" square notches in stud material to assist in putting together sub-components faster and simpler than ever before. The equipment is pneumatically operated with a foot-pedal control. Simply place the stud, activate the resharpenable/replaceable shear blade and cut the notches. A removable waste container makes it easy to dump the clips when full and then re-attach to the machine.

The Vertical Sub-Component Assembly Table (Vertical S-Cat) has up to a 12' long capacity and is designed to be used as a jig allowing the operator to pre-screw cripples to sills and headers. It can also be used to pre-build ladders and knee walls from 5" to 48" in width. The jig accommodates 2x4 and 2x6 material and the bed angle is infinitely adjustable from 0° to 85°.

Triad’s Rough-Opening Component Assembly Table (Ro-Cat) for steel framing is a new take on a long existing product. The Ro-Cat takes the pre-screwed header and sill units from the Vertical S-Cat and provides a means to positively square the units as an operator joins them to a pair of trimmers. By activating the pop-up rollers upon completion, the finished window or door buck can be pushed off onto conveyor to be delivered into the Triad Steel Stud Framing Table or the Triad Versa-Steel Framing Table (Triad also builds a Rough Opening Cart to stage batch built openings as well). The Ro-Cat has been designed for easy operator access to all screw points from 1'6" x 6'9" to 10'0" x 10'0" with no setup.