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Utility Knife

From C.H. Hanson
C.H. Hanson introduces the SpeedRocker-SS™, a heavy-duty fixed blade utility knife minus the heavy. It is compact, lightweight and perfect for any user application, but it’s especially handy for scoring drywall.

What makes SpeedRocker-SS™ distinctive is ScorSlot™, which allows the user to snap a tape measure blade directly into the knife over the blade. This allows users to measure and score at the same time without breaking the tape, and best of all, it keeps fingers safely away from the blade. For all applications, the thumb rest allows users to apply pressure directly over the blade, making for easier, faster scoring and cutting.

SpeedRocker-SS is the first fixed blade knife that features 3 positive-stop blade positions. Unlike other fixed blade knives, blades are quickly and easily changed without using tools. A center channel retracts from the knife allowing you to change blades, and the channel also pulls double duty by providing on-board storage for two additional blades.

Weighing in at 5 oz. and measuring 5" in length, this compact lightweight design fits easily in your hand or tool pouch. SpeedRocker-SS is made with a durable zinc die cast housing for long life.