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Thermal, Acoustic Isolation System

From Thermablok
Just one thin 1/4" x 1.5" (9mm x 3mm) strip of Thermablok™ added to only one edge of studs in a wall can increase the insulation value by more than 40%, according to United States Department of Energy test results.

This revolutionary thermal nano technology, now used as heat shielding on the space shuttle and in the space suits, subject to the most extreme temperature differences, has the highest insulation properties of any material known to exist (13.5mW/m.k. or 0.0078 BTU/ft-hr-F). While a typical 3.5" (89mm) of insulation in a stud wall has an R value of 13, using 3 1/2" of this technology could produce an amazing R value of 105 in the same space.

The majority of thermal transmission in a standard insulated stud wall travels through the mechanical link, usually the studs. Thermablok, which is 99.8% air, interrupts this thermal path quickly and economically. Installation of the product is accomplished by attaching Thermablok to the stud edge before drywall or sheeting is put up. Thermablok comes with a simple pull and stick adhesive back for easy, clean installation. No messy adhesives required.