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Ceiling Data is in Estimating Programs

From Armstrong
Armstrong ceiling, suspension and wall system product information is now integrated into two popular estimation software programs: Quick Bid and The EDGE.

Inclusion of the Armstrong data in the software systems results in reduced contractor risk by providing the most current product and code information, thereby increasing the accuracy and profitability of ceiling and wall project estimates. It also helps reduce estimation errors related to discontinued products, overlooked system components, and code compliance.

As a result of the new development, contractors can also reduce the time needed to order correct materials from manufacturers and distributors, and to accurately communicate product location information to installers.

Information in the systems is contained in two sections. The first is an item database, which is a listing of all Armstrong ceiling, grid and wall items, including product description, carton size, etc. Up-to-date code compliant information for seismic and fire performance is also included.

The second is an assembly/conditions database, which is a collection of items from the items database that are required to estimate a typical ceiling. The software programs provide contractors with access to more than 125 detailed Armstrong ceiling and wall system assemblies.

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