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Wood Decors

From Trespa
Trespa has added 7 new Wood Decoprs to the extensive collection of natural color and designs available for the Trespa Meteon panel. Over the years, the collection has expanded to meet the changing demands of design and architecture and now comprises 17 Wood Decors and 6 Naturals. This comprehensive portfolio of surface designs combines the warmth and appearance of wood with the durability and quality of the Trespa Meteon panel.

The new Wood Decors draw inspiration from the natural world and natural resources. Used as standalone products or combined with other Trespa panels, they complement and reflect man’s increasing awareness of the environment and the importance of using sustainable materials. Trespa Meteon is also an enduring product because it is produced from sustainable sources

The new Wood Decors comprise Santos Palisander, Natural Bagenda, Country Wood, French Walnut, Milano Sabbia, Milano Terra and Milano Grigio.

The Trespa Meteon panels are available in a range of different colors, metallics, natural and unique finishes. They are manufactured in various panel sizes and several thicknesses. They combine aesthetics with superior performance, such as colorfastness and resistance to weathering, UV and physical damage.