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Distributor Specialist Book

From NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence
The NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence announces a book called The Distributor Specialist: Customer Champion, Profit Generator!

Written by Frank E. Hurtte, founding partner of River Heights Consulting, The Distributor Specialist is the first book to focus entirely on the unique role of a specialist within a wholesale distribution company.

The specialist is the distributor employee who supports the “frontline” sales team and other departments by playing a specific—usually product- or technology-related—role in the sales process. The specialist furnishes technical support, sales backup, marketing direction and product management within a distributor organization.

This book takes you on a journey to look at the business results that specialists can help you achieve, potential pitfalls of specialist utilization, and ways to build from scratch or strengthen your specialist team.

The Distributor Specialist is a training manual, a benchmarking resource and a formal process for improvement for the specialist. Wholesaler-distributor executives, managers and specialists should read this book. Relevant case studies straight from the trenches of the wholesale distribution industry are sprinkled throughout the book to show you not only what needs to be done, but how to get started.

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