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Spot Primer

From Ze-VO Products Group
People who hate the drawn-out process of patching, priming and painting wall and trim repairs will love this handy spot primer from Ze-VO Products Group.

W.O.W. (Walls or Windows & More) is a premium latex primer that comes in a pocket-size bottle with its own applicator. No more digging out a can of primer, an opener, a brush and a drop cloth just to prime small interior areas—and no more cleanup!

With W.O.W., you uncap the handy 4-oz. bottle and use the leak-proof sponge applicator to swipe on a coat of primer—Swipe. Seal. Done™. When you’re finished, put the cap on and store the remaining W.O.W. until the next time you it.

W.O.W. provides a low-luster white finish that is easy to cover.