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ASTM Standards in Building Codes

From ASTM International
The 46th Edition of ASTM Standards in Building Codes is now available from ASTM International. The ASTM Building Codes contain more than 1,300 ASTM construction standards to give you the tools you need to design and construct buildings that satisfy the international code requirements established by the International Code Council®.

ASTM Standards in Building Codes provides access to the latest versions of ASTM standards referenced by the International Codes’ National Building Code of Canada; Uniform Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical Code; MASTERSPEC®; BSD SpecLink®; NFPA5000™ – Building Construction and Safety Code™; and SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specifications.

Copies of ASTM Standards in Building Codes, 46th Edition, are available in three different formats: online subscriptions, DVDs and printed books. Prices vary.