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CFS Shear Wall Design Guide

From Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute
The Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute has published a new design guide, Cold-Formed Steel Framed Wood Panel or Steel Sheet Sheathed Shear Wall Assemblies. It helps engineers, specifiers and architects develop a better understanding of the latest code requirements with respect to lateral design using cold-formed steel framing, and in particular how shear wall applications can be incorporated into designs meeting the new codes.

The guide provides insight on the latest code provisions, guidance for shear wall and shear wall component design, and addresses design and detailing requirements for wind and seismic forces, including the special detailing required in high-seismic areas. It has practical examples based on AISI S213-04 (AISI-Lateral) and AISI S213-07.

You can purchase the guide from the SFA/CFSEI online store: www.cfsei.org or www.steelframing.org.