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Acoustic Wallboard for Retrofits

A first-of-its-kind product from National Gypsum offers building owners, contractors and homeowners a new solution to improve sound heard between rooms without the need for disruptive demolition with the introduction of Gold Bond® BRAND SoundBreak XP™ Retrofit™.


SoundBreak XP™ Retrofit™ is a 5/16" sound-damping gypsum board with a viscoelastic polymer adhered to the back paper. This high-density material is encased in heavy mold, mildew and moisture-resistant PURPLE® face paper.


It can be easily installed over an existing interior gypsum board wall where noise from adjacent spaces is a concern. It also provides a thinner wall assembly without sacrificing square footage. As it is manufactured in a controlled environment, versus alternative field application methods, the product is more consistent in quality and performance.


SoundBreak XP™ Retrofit™ is perfect for renovating commercial spaces like medical offices and hotels as well as media rooms, bedrooms and nurseries in residential and multifamily applications.


SoundBreak XP™ Retrofit™ compliments the brand’s original SoundBreak XP® board, which launched in 2007 for new construction. New SoundBreak XPTM Retrofit™ board is the sound-damping solution for existing structures.

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