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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

According to Statista, there were 480,000 cyberattacks in the United States in 2022. The estimated cost of cybercrime in the country for 2024 is $452.3 billion, which is expected to reach $1.816 trillion by 2028.

KHS&S Creates a World Class Landmark in Las Vegas

After nearly 16 years since its initial announcement and navigating various starts and stops, the 70-year-old iconic brand welcomed its first guests in December 2023, marking the much-anticipated western expansion of its renowned luxury counterpart...

Your Cyber Defenses: Now Under a Government Microscope

Wall and ceiling contractors will want to take a close look at the state of their cybersecurity in 2024, now that tough, new “best practices” rules from the Security and Exchange Commission have gone live.

Trufast® — Building Envelope Attachment Solutions

Screws, washers, anchors, adhesives … sounds like a riveting article, eh? Those of you who are actively involved in construction or the design community understand the benefits of a smartly engineered and purpose designed solution...

It Pays to Choose Grabber

Grabber fasteners have been making professionals more productive and profitable for over 50 years. Investing in Grabber products means you can expect less material waste, greater worker productivity and fewer tasks that run up labor...

Vision of the Future of Buildings

This prefab method has made several bold attempts to grab a foothold in this industry for decades. Finally, the concept has demonstrated the potential to add significant value, but doing it consistently and on a...

Best Job Ever: AWCI Contractors Reveal Their Best Work

Rob Aird, C. Brent Allen, Lee Zaretzky, Davis Sprague and Travis Vap share a passion for transforming spaces and structures with an eye for craftsmanship, innovation and historical preservation. You’ll see what we mean.