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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award

AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Innovation Award recognizes products, services, materials, technologies or systems that improve the means and methods utilized in the wall and ceiling industry. In 2014, the winning innovation is the Universal Fireproofing Patch from Vellrath Engineering.

Products that win AWCI’s innovation award will help contractors improve productivity, increase the scope of work, reduce materials used, improve safety and decrease construction costs—and Vellrath’s UFP does all that and more.

Productivity is improved and your company’s scope is expanded because the UFP is a do-it-yourself product that any drywall contractor can apply—you don’t need to hire a fireproofing specialist to make a quick repair.

Because the UFP was designed for patching, it can be made in small quantities, thus saving valuable mis-sprayed SFRM. Vellrath’s UFP can be applied at about half the current cost of traditional SFRM repairs, thus decreasing construction costs.

UFP has special additives to increase its adhesion/cohesion and workability. It comes in a “kit” format that allows better use of field labor. When there is two hours available at the end of the day, labor can patch. It’s that simple. Plus, because of its unique formula, you can make only as much of the UFP as you need to repair the fireproofing. Just add water, mix thoroughly, and apply it to match the existing thickness.

UFP is the only designed patch material that has tested compatible against medium- and light-density SFRMs, as well as fibrous and cementitious materials. This product is fully vetted by three nationally-recognized laboratories: VTEC, Intertek and the Underwriter’s Laboratories. UL usually certifies a whole wall or system; certifying a “patch” such as UFP is unique. This certification still allows the fireproofing contractor to retain his warranty.

In addition, UFP has an ongoing Quality Control Certification program with both Intertek and UL. It has successfully met these requirements for a two-hour fire rating.

At 432 square inches, the maximum patch size is three times the previous allowable standard. This innovation even offers LEED credits in materials and resources categories.

UL has participated in the safety analysis of many of the last century’s new technologies. Now Vellrath Engineering’s Universal Fireproofing Patch joins the list of 21st century advancements.

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