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AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Safety Awards 2016

Category: More Than 1 Million Annual Man-Hours


Performance Contracting Inc.

Lenexa, Kansas


Performance Contracting Inc. knows first-hand that a quality safety program saves money. By making safety its number-one core value, the company’s safety program is paying for itself.



Its workers’ compensation figures show that a difference between a mod rate of 1.2 and 0.8 results in savings of $26,000. At a 5 percent margin, this is equivalent to more than $500,000.


But by creating an incident-free environment, PCI’s employees are actually more productive. Their higher quality of work becomes a source of pride. It also heightens the company’s good reputation.

In 2015, the company’s total claim cost was reduced by 15 percent over the previous year.



Believing that ‘what gets measured, gets done’, PCI branches conduct quarterly assessments called “Quick SHOT,” for “Safety Habits Observed Together.”


Then management and field employees collaborate to develop corrective actions for areas found deficient. Best of all, good safety performances are rewarded.

AWCI honors Performance Contracting Inc. for its commitment to an effective safety program with its Excellence in Construction Safety Award for companies with more than one million man-hours in 2015.

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