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Construction Quality Award 2022: EIFS

The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards demonstrate the craft and management expertise of AWCI contractors, the products of AWCI manufacturer members and the procurement skills of AWCI supplier members. Along with AWCI’s award partners—the Gypsum Association, the Steel Framing Industry Association and the EIFS Industry Members Association—AWCI and AWCI’s Construction Dimensions congratulate the 2022 winners of AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Awards.




875 California, San Francisco, CA

AWCI Member Contractor

Raymond – Northern California, Inc.

AWCI Team Members

ClarkDietrich, Dryvit, Part of Tremco Construction’s Product Group, Foundation Building Materials, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, Grabber Construction Products, L&W Supply Corporation, Simpson Strong-Tie

The building shape of this 8-story, 44-unit multifamily development presented challenges with radius walls, bay windows and the way the building tiers outward. Raymond provided BIM, which played a key role in early clash detection/field layout/design changes. The building includes a mixture of exterior slab-to-slab and balloon framing to highlight the exterior finish with minimal control joints. Raymond overcame challenges of the building’s shape, scaffold setup and logistics to create a continuous look around the building.

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