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Take Drywall Fabrication To The Max

Grabber Construction Products

The words “portable drywall milling machine” probably don’t make you leap out of the front seat of your contractor truck. But if your job includes drywall construction, you better sit down because PanelMax_ is changing the game. PanelMax is a clean, fast, and cost-effective way to prefab drywall on or offsite with easy-to-operate automatic machine head controls, dust free milling, and fast prime and glue-up fabrication. It reduces trim and finishing, and mills corners cleanly and precisely-making it possible to do assemblies in one piece with no bead, finishing, or call backs. PanelMax’s duplicating arm can knock out complex shapes for recessed boxes and ornate moldings on columns and ceilings. And since everything may be made off-site, you can save time and money on install costs. For jaw-dropping, single piece drywall installs, choose PanelMax.