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More Than Just Fasteners

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Construction professionals know Grabber for the fasteners that have been singlehandedly boosting productivity and profitability for over 55 years. Maybe choosing a fastener seems like a small decision—but with results like less material waste, greater efficiency and fewer tasks that run up labor costs, choosing the right fastener can have major effects.

Uncompromised Fastener Standards

Driving a screw is a quick job—but when you’re driving thousands of them, saving fractions of time on each installation becomes significant. That’s why Grabber screws are designed to drive faster, seat better and are less likely to camout and spinout. Those improvements let you get the job done right and get on to the next job faster.

No other brand has higher manufacturing standards than Grabber. Starting with high-grade SAE 1022 steel, Grabber screws have stronger heads and threads that are less likely to break or bend. Grabber also swaps out dies much more frequently during the manufacturing process. This leads to consistent performance across fasteners, sharper threads, faster drilling—and tight recesses for better bit engagement, steadier drives and fewer cam-outs. In addition, Grabber heat treats fewer fasteners per batch to make sure each screw is hardened evenly. High heat-treating standards create heads that don’t break and screws that don’t bend.

Why spend the extra time and care on higher manufacturing standards? Because Grabber believes that for you to do your job right, we need to do our job right. Our high standards will save you time on the job and reduce material waste. When installers can drive more screws and reduce do-overs, you’ll be able to get the job done and move on to the next one, which is necessary as trade stacking increases in popularity.

Boost Speed and Simplicity with PanelMax

Grabber excellence extends far beyond fasteners, however. The revolutionary PanelMax panel fabrication technology enables pre-assembled drywalling that can be installed when needed. Parts can be pre-fabricated and duplicated offsite and delivered to the job site to be installed right on time.

PanelMax makes creating intricate shapes, soffits and assemblies from drywall much more affordable. Before, manual cutting and complex curves have been time-consuming projects for builders. PanelMax makes the most detailed cuts easy and accurate with portable board milling designed that works on gypsum, wood, plastic and cement board. PanelMax mills a perfect corner that is clean and precise, minimizing the need for additional finishing materials. This saves time, labor costs and material costs across the job. Prefabrication allows you to pre-cut offsite, ahead of time and deliver on installation day.

Drywall Excellence

The Grabber SuperDrive family of collation products is the ultimate auto-fastening system for driving screws and attaching drywall. SuperDrive products easily attach to your favorite driver. Engineered for speed, SuperDrive supports 50 screws per strip, meaning fewer changeouts and simple reloading. Users will maximize consistent driving and seating, and stay on task longer.

SuperDrive’s accessories, like the stand-up extension, make it perfect for harder-to-reach ceiling and flooring applications. The light and compact design reduces strain and protects fingers from injury.

Adhesion Done Right

Professional-grade adhesion is the only solution for adhesive and caulk projects. Grabber adhesives fill gaps in substrates, providing a more solid backup surface. It is unaffected by moisture, resistant to mold and mildew and won’t become hard or brittle over time. All Grabber adhesives exceed requirements of ASTM C557 and have been tested in accordance with E72 for racking and shearing.

Grabber also offers green products, a VOC-compliant formula containing no ozone-depleting chemicals—meaning a safer product for you and for the environment. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water.

When it comes to caulks, you can trust every Grabber product to be professional-grade, easy to apply and proven to provide firestop seal against fire and smoke. The endothermic releases water vapor, forms a solid char and retards the spread of fire. Each caulk is a single component, adheres to dry or damp surfaces of all standard construction materials, accommodates up to 33% joint movement and is water based for an easy cleanup.

Never Cut Corners

Corner and trim products distributed by Grabber come in a variety of designs to fit every aesthetic, but the one thing they have in common is uncompromised quality. Get tapes and trims that provide perfect corners that won’t rust or crack, based on a high-tech PVC-based composite material that allows you to achieve a higher quality finish in less time.

Choose from corner beads, stick lengths and flexible corners and archways that create fast, strong, straight corners that deliver superior durability and a significant savings on joint compound usage. You can also invest in easy-to-apply, high performance drywall corner solutions that save money on callbacks and are more aesthetically appealing over the long-term than conventional metal, paper faced metal or vinyl beads. The durability and installation efficiency of these products make them ideal for both residential and commercial building applications. Grabber-distributed corner products enable faster and easier installations, and help you gain bottom-line savings on labor, money and rework.

High Quality Products. Lower Costs.

Grabber’s approachable sales force comes from within the industry to bring you an unparalleled knowledge of tools, fasteners and applications. We’re always ready to give you experienced advice to help you save time and money. When you use Grabber, you can trust you’re getting quality products that help make your company more competitive than ever. You deserve the best. And we’ll deliver it. Every single time.

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