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The Ceiling Tile Game Changer Is Here

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For nearly a century, Arrow Fastener has served as a leader in innovation and functionality in the hand tool space, keeping a close eye on tool trends and tailoring our range of project solutions to meet (and surpass) industry and customer expectations. As the proud manufacturer of America’s top-selling staple gun, the iconic T50, we’re continuing to develop high-performing tools, but we’re no longer just within the hand tool space.

This year, we introduced RevealCut Acoustic Ceiling Tile-Cutting Workstation, a revolutionary ceiling tile cutter designed for ceiling installation professionals to cut factory-quality ceiling tile profile edges with speed and precision. It’s something the wall and ceiling industry has never seen before, and we’re excited to share the news with ceiling installers across the country.

Cutting-Edge Product Innovation With RevealCut

Set the utility knife aside for your next ceiling tile-cutting project and look to Arrow’s RevealCut Ceiling Tile-Cutting Workstation for factory-grade cuts performed in 30 seconds or less and resulting in up to 80% in labor savings. Built with precision, speed, safety and savings in mind, RevealCut, the world’s first ceiling tile workstation, is made to transform the way you work—for the better. With the first-ever blade technology designed specifically to cut through ceiling tiles, particularly wet felt and fiberglass tile, you can rely on RevealCut to get the job done with ease and maximum efficiency. And with an OSHA-compliant blade disposal, you can count on RevealCut to help prevent worksite accidents.

RevealCut’s proprietary design makes it one of the most significant innovations in ceiling tile-cutting history, as the workstation changes how hundreds of thousands of acoustic ceiling tiles are cut every day. With revolutionary functionality, RevealCut eliminates the need to cut ceiling tiles with a standard straightedge and a utility knife. Available in two convenient sizes, the 2’ ceiling tile workstation or 4’ ceiling tile workstation, RevealCut cuts 98% of all common ceiling tile sizes with ease and efficiency.

RevealCut is equipped with a dual measurement and jig system for repeat cuts of the same size, making precision the name of the game. And with its interchangeable profile cartridges, the workstation creates three factory-grade edge profiles, including lay-in, square tegular and angled tegular, offering professional installers a total of 54 different cut configurations. It eliminates the need for scribing and can even accommodate out of square walls and grid.

Saving You Time, Money and Worry

With utility knives, broken tiles and missed cuts, the current ceiling tile-cutting process is extremely inefficient, expensive and dangerous. In fact, manual cutting using a standard utility blade can require blade changes every five cuts. Enter RevealCut. You can now cut 200 times before reaching for that replacement blade. Made with tetrahedral amorphous carbon coating, RevealCut uses the first-ever blade technology designed specifically for cutting tough, fibrous ceiling tiles, leading to more-efficient—not to mention faster—installs. In 30 seconds or less, you can have a single ceiling tile cut to your exact measurements.

RevealCut’s design also helps reduce user error, resulting in less waste. Gone are the days of discarding broken tiles or middle parts of a tile—RevealCut allows those parts to be reused for smaller areas thanks to its ability to make true factory-quality edge cuts. And with a maximum of just two passes of the integrated precision-cutting blade system, you can cut your tile to the exact size needed while simultaneously finishing the edge, resulting in up to 80% in labor savings.

But these benefits almost seem secondary when we’re talking about how RevealCut is improving workplace safety. Manually cutting ceiling tile is not only tedious, it can be dangerous. One slip of a blade can result in major harm while on the job. With RevealCut, we’re eliminating the need for manual cutting to help prevent accidental cuts and jabs and improve overall jobsite safety by implementing safe cutting procedures. With rounded-edge blades and up to 80% less blade handling and changing, RevealCut greatly reduces opportunities for accidents to occur and even features an OSHA-compliant safe disposal for used blades.

Serving Commercial Building Projects

Where there are drop and lay-in ceilings, there should be a RevealCut workstation. From schools to office buildings to apartment complexes and airports, these buildings’ ceilings have dominated the ceiling tile market and, as a result, the commercial building industry. With RevealCut, getting ahead of commercial building renovations, whether starting from scratch or replacing old ceiling tiles, can be a breeze. The workstation is also easy to transport from project to project, given its self-contained and portable design.

Dedication to Manufacturing

All this innovation comes from a brand that professionals have trusted for almost 100 years. Since 1929, Arrow Fastener has been known for its innovation, performance, style and functionality, offering a full product suite featuring top-of-the-line manual and electric staple and nail guns, glue and rivet tools, and oscillating and rotary tools and accessories. In the pursuit of identifying new category areas, opportunities and areas of improvement, Arrow’s entry into the wall and ceiling space with the introduction of RevealCut—the new cutting-edge workstation for ceiling tile installers—marks the culmination of our commitment to providing contemporary project solutions and manufacturing excellence. Additionally, it demonstrates our passion for developing high-performing and high-quality tools that make jobs of any scale easier.

To learn more about RevealCut, visit Follow RevealCut on social media for product demos, updates and more (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok).

Arrow is currently accepting preorders for the RevealCut Ceiling Tile-Cutting Workstation on our website. Orders are expected to ship to U.S. customers in September 2023. Choose from the 2' Ceiling Tile Workstation ($549) or 4' Ceiling Tile Workstation ($649). Additional blades are sold separately, including a 10-pack of sizing blades ($24.98), 20-pack of sizing blades ($49.98), 10-pack of profile blades ($14.98), 20-pack of profile blades ($29.98) as well as a combo 20-pack featuring 10 sizing blades and 10 combo blades ($39.96) and combo 40-pack including 20 sizing blades and 20 combo blades ($79.92).

By providing one of the most significant innovations in the history of ceiling tile cutting, we look forward to supplying ceiling installation professionals around the country with a never-before-seen workstation that will change the industry moving forward.

About the Author

Bill Sokol is vice president of marketing at Arrow Fastener, where he develops and oversees innovative approaches to consumer insights, product designs, category management and interactive communications strategies for the iconic brand. In 2010 he joined Arrow Fastener, bringing over 30 years of extensive sales and marketing experience to his role.

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