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Au Revoir

About the time you are receiving this issue, I am preparing to preside over my last executive committee meeting in Quebec. The literal French translation of “au revoir” is “best wishes at parting.” While this is an appropriate reflection of my feelings, it does not mean I am going anywhere; I remain a member of the AWCI executive committee and board of directors for another year, will continue to report to the board on behalf of AWCI’s Construction Technology Council and committees for the foreseeable future and will always be engaged in the industry, with the primary groundwork being through the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industry.

AWCI locates its various meetings throughout North America to reflect and support the geographic diversity of our membership. Another example of our association’s diversity and how we serve the industry is our EIFS—Doing It Right® education program: It has now been taught in multiple countries and is in process of being translated into Korean and Mandarin. With further demand for other translations, it has become the global standard for EIFS education! AWCI is active with our sister organizations in Australia, New Zealand, England and Germany and is responding to the interests of our members south of the border to start a chapter in Mexico.

In my time on the AWCI executive committee, aside from having to deal with the many effects a record building recession has had on our association, AWCI has addressed many other industry concerns with health care, unfunded liabilities, pricing volatility and is well under way in tackling the new energy code and the dramatic changes it will bring about to exterior wall envelopes. Of great personal focus have been the confusing and contentious issues related to cold formed steel, and while there remains the appearance of discord on this front, I assure you that AWCI is on the high road for all stakeholders in these matters.

So as we continue on with these challenges and those yet unknown, you are in capable hands with our board of directors, our present and future executive committees, Tim Wies at the reins as president beginning July 1, and the magnificent support of Executive Vice President/CEO Steve Etkin and a capable and professional association staff. This experience has been truly invaluable and rewarding for me both personally and professionally, and I give many thanks to all of the aforementioned, our members, my partners and my family for the opportunity to serve as AWCI’s 77th president.

In addition to being the 2010–2011 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Allen is vice president of Compass Construction in Columbus, Ohio.

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