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Best of the Best

Best of the Best
Ken Navratil
“Give me one good reason why I should attend the AWCI convention in Las
Vegas!” My reason is simple: I’m the president, and I have to be there. You, on the other
hand, have a lot to gain by attending. We have special events and the largest dedicated
wall and ceiling trade show, plus our educational sessions alone are reason enough for
you to take time away from the office. Topics that address preventing mold loss, aggressive
claims management and understanding the specifications game are all issues our
industry faces more and more each day. Plus you’ll have your cell phone, and if they need
you, they can get in touch—don’t even worry! It’s not too late; please join us April 14-17.
This months issue of AWCI’s Construction Dimensions includes our annual AWCI
Contractor Directory, for your reference. The list is a special group of industry-wide
contractors who are members of AWCI and contribute to our association, making it
the standard for all to follow. Most of these companies will have representatives attending
the convention-another reason for you to attend!
It’s year end, you and your accounting staff are diligently adjusting last year’s financials,
I am sure you can figure a way to make this trip fit into the budget. If there is one thing
I hear over and over at the end of a convention it’s this: “I need to be more involved
in AWCI,” or “What a great convention.” You will leave pleased with the results, the
time away and positive interaction among colleagues will improve your focus and attitude
for this new year.
Don’t think about it, Just do it. We look forward to meeting you!

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