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Combating Mold

The subject of mold has come up in several meetings I’ve attended over the last couple
of years, and it continues to be a topic that keeps us busy as it lines lawyers’ wallets.
By now you know that we at the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries—
International are doing everything we can to keep you informed and educated about
the subject.

This magazine has published several mold-related articles, and our upcoming convention
will also address the issue. One of our education seminars at the convention
is called “How to Add Mold Remediation to Your Business,” and there’s another one
called “Preventing Mold Loss During Construction.” Because mold is such a hot topic,
we are offering the second session twice so that you are able to visit as many sessions
as possible and obtain the information you want.

“Preventing Mold Loss During Construction” is being presented by Ian Cull, PE. Cull
is a senior environmental engineer with Chelsea Group, Ltd. He has performed site
investigations and managed remediation plans in hospitals, office buildings, and educational
facilities. Mr. Cull has developed and taught a variety of seminars, certification
courses, and customized indoor air quality presentations. He is an approved trainer
for the Indoor Air Quality Association and has taught their Certified Indoor
Environmentalist and Certified Mold Loss Prevention courses.

“How to Add Mold Remediation to Your Business” will be presented by AWCI’s
own Mikel Poellinger, who has great experience with this subject because he has added
a mold remediation company to his own business portfolio.

In addition to all the other exciting and informative events, I encourage you to attend
both of these sessions at the convention next month. You’ll be glad you did.

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