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I want to start by focusing on the different committees that are offered through AWCI and look at the positive impact each of us can gain from getting involved in them. As I touched on in a previous article, I have been on a few different committees over my time at AWCI. These range from those dedicated to the association’s operation, the improvement of our industry and business-specific groups in which members share ideas and best practices.


Most of the committees ( meet twice a year at the annual convention and the AWCI Industry Leaders Conference. Some of them also meet outside of the official AWCI meetings, both virtually and in person. I hope you will look into the options available and find one beneficial to join.


Ever since I began attending the AWCI conventions, I have sat on the Education Committee, tasked with developing educational sessions for members. These meetings can be great learning experiences for both new and veteran members. Another group I enjoy is the Industry Awards Committee, which is responsible for selecting the winners of the AWCI Excellence in Construction Quality Awards and the AWCI Excellence in Construction Innovation Award. These are but two of the many AWCI committees that help with the operation of the association.


Committees dedicated to the improvement of our industry are the Construction Technology Council and Committees. These wide-ranging groups take on tasks and challenges that affect all of us in the industry. There are different groups that focus on specific trades of our businesses and help develop industry standards and improve best practices as they are established.


Another way AWCI members can stay up-to-date on trade-specific concerns is by reading “AWCI’s Codes & Standards Digest.” This e-newsletter, written by AWCI Director of Technical Services Robert Grupe, was introduced last month. As the name implies, this quick-read publication will bring important information about industry codes and standards to members every month.


Also making its debut last month was “AWCI SmartBrief.” Every other Wednesday, AWCI members will receive this informative newsletter, which is a compilation of construction news from across the country. News and updates from AWCI are also included.


While some of the AWCI committees are open to non-members, only AWCI members receive the two new e-newsletters and many other benefits that can’t be mentioned here due to space limitations. If you are not an AWCI member, you’re missing a lot of great opportunities to grow your business and be successful. Visit to see what you’re missing.

In addition to being 2020–2021 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Chip McAlpin is division president of the Jackson, Miss., and Louisiana offices of F.L. Crane & Sons.

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