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Prepare for the Future

As we reflect on a year past, we need to be thankful.
As we look forward to the next year, we need to prepare.
To those who have been able to survive the past two or three years of a tough economy,
“Contratulations.” As we look forward, we need to view it with cautious optimism.
Sept. 11, 2001, changed our global outlook, while Dec. 14, 2003, gave us a
sense of closure and renewed hope for a safer tomorrow.
We as a nation and as a business community need to move on. America has proven
that our troops are well trained and well prepared to protect our soil and us. Look forward,
purchase that much needed piece of equipment that improves your competitive
edge, plan for growth, education your staff and train your work force.
Learn from our world leaders: If you continue to invest, educate and train your work
force to the best of their ability, and if you, as an owner, continue to demonstrate the
proper ethical leadership, then you and your company will survive, and your company
will be stronger for it!
AWCI will be providing several opportunities in the coming year for continuing education
at all levels. Please support your association. Become better equipped to meet
the new challenges of tomorrow and become a part of our educational process.

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