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As we covered in last month’s issue (the new normal and today’s technology), an inability to stay in touch with the office or a pressing deadline is no excuse to pass up the chance to bring yourself up-to-date to assure your company is in the best position for today and the brighter economic forecast. AWCI’s Convention and the INTEX Expo 2011, April 3-7, is one of those events that allows you to do it all in a very short period of time. Yes, this is the obligatory pre-convention message from your president; but seriously, don’t miss the opportunities you’ll find at the show and expo, which is at one of our membership’s most desired locations—Las Vegas.

If you steer clear of the world’s largest wall and ceiling convention that serves suppliers, manufactures and contractors, among the things you will pass up include numerous networking opportunities, unique committee meetings, industry awards and a trade show with more than 150 exhibitors. And, of course, there is my favorite: the educational sessions, which offer something for almost everyone.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for the management side:

• What You Need to Know About ConsensusDOCS

• New Day, New Strategy: Repositioning After the Great Recession

• Getting Paid for Lost Labor Productivity

• Maintain Your Surety Credit and Preserve Your Protections Provided by Surety Bonds in 2011

• Opportunities to Install Air/Vapor/Water Barriers Behind EIFS, Stucco and Other Exterior Wall Claddings

And the education sessions that are more on the technical side are these:

• EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule: Will It Affect Your Work?

• Strategies to Successfully Meet the New Energy Codes Using Three-Coat Stucco over Thick Continuous Insulation (ci)

• Sound Control: NRC and STC Ratings—Grow Your Business

• What’s the Scoop with All These New Generation Gypsum Panel Products and Systems?

In addition, two partial days (the convention’s last day and the day after) will be dedicated to our Doing It Right® seminars for gypsum, stucco and acoustical ceilings.

In the years I’ve attended our association’s events, the annual convention and expo always elicits many positive comments from delegates committed to being involved with AWCI activities because of the many benefits gained. Treat this year’s show no differently. If you misplaced our mailing on the show, you can find all the details on our website, If you haven’t done it all ready, register soon. It is a rewarding experience.

In addition to being the 2010–2011 president of the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry, Allen is vice president of Compass Construction in Columbus, Ohio.

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