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Winning Spirit

Anyone who attended AWCI’s Expo: Construction Directions (also known as
AWCI’s 85th Annual Convention and Trade Show) was a winner. Some winners received

more recognition than others, but this issue of the magazine is all about recognizing
everyone from those who have earned our respect for their tremendous achievements
and the contributions they have made to the industry to the guy who put on a good
show from his 10-by-10 exhibit booth.

Practically every day during the convention featured some kind of winner. It started
with the stalwart committee members who are helping to shape the industry’s future,
middled with the big winners who were recognized at the Awards Brunch, and the golf
tournament winners, and ended at the final night dinner gala with the winner of a
scholarship and the winner of a brand new car.

For those of you who were not able to attend, I wish I could say that this magazine
brings the convention to you in its entirety, but I’m afraid a few pages in a magazine
can’t do justice to this major industry event. The text and many pictures within these
pages provide merely a glimpse. We wish we could publish all 600+ photos, but even
that wouldn’t be enough.

As my term as your president nears an end, I reflect on the year it has been. This great
group came together after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and donated time, materials
and money to the cause. We banded together again to rally around each other in support
when things like EIFS litigation, mold and mildew threatened to undermine our

I’m so proud to be counted among you all, as one of your peers, as a friend. Thank you
for that opportunity.

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