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Acoustic Ceiling Baffle

Turf Design introduces the Timber acoustic ceiling baffle with a new twist. Applying their latest release of organic wood-inspired Turf Textures on their signature PET felt, the baffles are fully customizable and come in 30 color finishes and 8 digitally printed wood grains.


Creating different looks with Timber—whether uniform and sculptural, or asymmetrical and abstract—the acoustics manufacturer is able to achieve different levels of sound absorption based on how close the baffles are placed next to each other. The closer the baffles are, the better the acoustic performance.


The baffles are made of polyester felt, 60% pre-consumer recycled. Timber achieves NRC values of .70 and .50, depending on spacing and depth. Lengths come in 3 sizes: small (12"–35.5"), medium (36"–71.5") and large (72"–119"). The depths are 7.5", 9.375", 11.5" with a thickness of 18mm.

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