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Adhesive Guns

DeWalt launches 20V MAX Adhesive Guns (DCE560, DCE570, DCE580) for a variety of sealing and gluing applications. The 20V MAX Adhesive Guns can be used with various adhesives including latex, silicone, polyurethane, flexible epoxy and more.


The 20V MAX Adhesive Gun is available in three canister sizes: 10oz/300ml (DCE560), 29oz (DCE570) or 300-600ml Sausage Tube (DCE580), which provides the professional with the ability to choose the format that suits their typical use best. Key features include Anti-Drip™, which briefly auto-retracts the plunging rod when the trigger is released. Also featuring a variable speed trigger and variable speed dial, each of the 20V MAX Adhesive Guns provide finite adjustments in speed at which material is released. To limit user fatigue and ensure the proper amount of material is released, the 20V MAX Adhesive Gun’s trigger can be locked at a specific setting during use.


Other features of the 20V MAX Adhesive Guns include tool-free change canister, a hang hook and a bright LED work light at the foot of the tool. With a rubber over-mold and ergonomic grip, the tools are comfortable to use and easy to hold. Each adhesive gun is available kitted with one battery and charger or as a bare tool.


Accessories are also available, including clear 300ml/600ml sausage tubes (sold separately). Available where DeWalt products are sold in fall 2016, the 20V MAX Adhesive Guns will comes standard with a 3-year limited warranty, 1-year free service contract and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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