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AISI Publishes Design Examples to Illustrate Updated Provisions in AISI S100

The American Iron and Steel Institute has published AISI D102-23, “Illustrative Examples for Provisions in AISI S100-16 (2020) w/S3-22.” The document provides a set of 22 design examples that illustrate updated provisions included in AISI S100-16 (2020) w/S3-22, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members, 2016 Edition (Reaffirmed 2020) with Supplement 3, 2022 Edition. The examples were developed using the software Smath Studio and can be purchased from the AISI Steel Store or directly.
The changes in Supplement 3 will be included in the next edition of AISI S100, which is expected to be published in 2024 and adopted in the 2027 edition of the ICC model building codes. The list of the changes in Supplement 3 is included in the Preface to AISI S100-16(2020) w/S3-22, which can be downloaded free of charge from the AISI Design Resources section at

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