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AISI Publishes “Thermal Design And Code Compliance Guide for C-Shape Cold-Formed Steel Framing In Building Envelopes”

The American Iron and Steel Institute has published AISI D250-23, “Thermal Design and Code Compliance Guide for C-Shape Cold-Formed Steel Framing in Building Envelopes.” The guide was developed to assist users of AISI S250-21 w/S1-22, “North American Standard for Thermal Transmittance of Building Envelopes with Cold-Formed Steel Framing, 2021 Edition with Supplement 1, 2022 Edition,” to calculate the thermal resistance of building envelope assemblies containing cold-formed steel framing.
AISI D250-23 provides a general discussion about the national model codes of the United States and Canada and a general review of the basic principles of thermal dynamics of a building envelope. It also provides thermal design examples covering wall and roof assemblies constructed using AISI S250, a method to address custom or proprietary cold-formed steel wall framing, and thermal design examples covering floor assemblies constructed over unconditioned spaces using the ICC’s International Energy Conservation Code, 2003 Edition.
AISI D250-23 can be purchased from the AISI Steel Store.

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