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Aluminum Panels

CertainTeed announces the addition of the Petals collection to its ceilings and walls portfolio. A first of its kind, Petals is nature-inspired and offers an array of biophilic design possibilities.


The Petals collection consists of luxurious, lightweight aluminum panels that can be shaped in organic curves that subtly evoke the contours of plant life to add serenity to commercial spaces. Each panel can be angled to create sculptural points of interest, organized into repeating patterns or configured to add definition to specific areas within a space. The panels are highly customizable, with an array of standard colors and wood-look finishes along with custom finish options available.


Utilizing CertainTeed’s 15/16" EZ Classic Stab Grid System, each panel is directly attached without any wires, making it easy to install in various angles, including vertically, in a concave or convex format. Petals are available in solid or perforated panels that can be staggered, clustered or overlaid, and in 8 shapes: flower petal, leaf, hexagon, guitar pick, square, rounded triangle, circle and blade. The panels are ideal for larger commercial spaces in the entertainment, hospitality and aviation industries and bring strong acoustical value due to its perforation. Additionally, the aluminum panels are compatible with industry standard lighting, HVAC, speaker, fire safety and security services.

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